Welcome to my brand new website! I want to thank Peter Eastwood, my web designer / tech guru, for this gorgeous new clean lined look. I love its classy appearance and elegant functionality. Along with new brochures, postcards, and yes, a Facebook page, the renovation is complete.

It was delightful to write a descriptive line or two, or a suggestion for use, for each of the images on the website. I want visitors to feel as though they are in my studio in Chester and I am introducing them to the work.

One of the things I am very excited about is being able to offer online sales of what I have available in my showroom. While my Chester showroom is only open in the summer, this virtual gallery will allow my wonderful customers and friends to add to their collection or purchase a gift year round, from anywhere.

As many of my customers know my work is made in very limited numbers and things sell quickly in my Chester showroom, sometimes before they are even finished, but I will endeavour to keep my virtual showroom current on what is available.

Feel free to browse the website, and make yourself at home. Be sure and read 'The Story', it explains a lot!

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